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Over the years, Damin Sales has evolved to best serve our clients’ needs from first quote to final product delivery. Comprised of 11 outside sales reps, five inside sales reps, and five warehouse members, our team is highly regarded in the industry for having a strong work ethic and prioritizing the unique needs of every client.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to expand our reach in the electrical distribution market, while aligning our selling efforts with quality electrical manufacturers.

Our Team


Peter Gregory

Kevin Venezia

Outside Sales

Peter Gregory

Kevin Venezia

Bob Appello

Aaron Boyce

Michelle Crawford

Kevin Donnelly

Justin Felber

Barry Felzenberg

Richard Nolte

Mark Panganiban

Angela Perrone

Kevin Sandler

Inside Sales

Denise Skibar

(Office Manager)

Patrick Carbone

Rosana Ouellette

Nancy Tirella

Garry Taluba


Kevin Ehresman (Manager)

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